Contact for GPs and AHPs

For information on how to refer your patients, educational events and to organise practice visits for updates on new consultants, services and treatments, please contact:

Louise Hawker
GP Liaison Officer

Direct Dial: 07912 219 418
The Spire Clinic Droitwich strives to provide a full GP education calendar, offering individually tailored continual professional development through topics of choice.

Consultant Directory

The Spire Clinic has a number of highly experienced consultants. View our Interactive Directory online

Refer a Patient Directory

Refer patients to The Spire Clinic Droitwich Spa for general consultations, imaging and physiotherapy. A referral letter is usually required, before your patient, whether they are insured or self-funding, can be seen by a consultant.

For secure and instant referrals please send your referral letters to:


Call: 01905 799 116

Fax: 01905 798 249